In the 90's I began rebuilding cars as a hobby and was focused mostly on 1956-1967 Corvettes. In fact we began building so many, that it eventually grew into a business.

Then in 2010, we opened a new facility in Southern California that has really allowed our business to grow. We have a really great team of 10 people, each with his or her own custom automotive expertise. We start from a bare shell and build the entire car in-house.

As with any hobby there is always your favorite and ours is Eleanor. There's something really special about rebuilding this car. The team really enjoys working on this Hollywood Star and on every car we strive to make her better in some small way. We are always looking for new ideas to incorporate. Yes, we spend a lot of time just talking to others about Eleanor, including when we're watching her being loaded onto a car transporter, knowing that she's being shipped to a different part of the world.

Just for fun in January 2019 we set up our\Eleanor.Garage account and dedicated this to just Eleanor. Within just seven months we had over 10,000 followers and now we have 50,000 followers- thank you everyone!

This is proof of the kind of impact Eleanor has on her fans.

Update:    July 2020 - 47.1k followers   on  Instagram